Vanessa Hudgens; The Frozen Ground

67 gifs of Vanessa Hudgens in The Frozen Ground.
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Mae Whitman 3x10 & 3x11 Parenthood

20 gifs of Mae Whitman in Parenthood
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Dax Shepard gifs 3x11: Missing, Parenthood

26 gifs of Dax Shepard
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Dax Shepard: 3x10 Mr Honesty, Parenthood

40 Dax Shepard gifs 
All from 3x10; Mr. Honesty from Parenthood
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I like to always have humor in whatever I do.



KimonoTime, A.K.A. Kelsey Ellison’s experience with X-Factor UK

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TLDR: I got scouted and had a private audition because of my videos and made me feel they were really interested in kpop. The celebrity judges in the room audition wanted more Korean and then at Wembley the monitors weren’t on so I couldn’t hear my voice and was told I was terrible and they didn’t understand why I sung in Korean and I was in the wrong country, humiliating me in front of 5,000 people. In both auditions I didn’t get chance to prepare, because in the room audition they forgot about me and in the Wembley Audition they abandoned me and then put me on first.

Even though this isn’t related to shopping or my blog in particular, I felt the need to share this because it does relate to how Asian fashion, music, and the culture in general is perceived and manipulated by the media. It’s unfortunate that Kelsey was sought out for the sole purpose of making her, and kpop enthusiasts, look like fools. For another example of how this often happens, watch TLC’s My Strage Addiction “Living Doll” episode which features Venus Angelic and a girl named Emily, who are both into lolita or jfashion. While Venus’s segment may be true to her character, Emily’s segment was very scripted and edited and made to look weird and both Venus’s and Emily’s segments were manipulated to give a misrepresentation of the lolita subculture or jfashion in general. 

With that small slightly-irrelevant rant aside, I wish for others to spread this around, because it isn’t fair to Kelsey that she was badly mistreated and it was very unprofessional and misleading on X-factor’s end, especially if this could have potentially hurt Kelsey’s career or give her a bad image. 

~ Rini

Thank you so so much for sharing this and to everyone who has been supporting me! <3